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cold [kuld]adj.冷的,寒冷的不热的,凉的冷冰冰的,已死的[口语]失去知觉的冷静的,缺少热情的冷淡的,不友好的令人沮丧的,扫兴的,令人泄气的微弱的,轻微的;不新鲜的;已变淡的in the cold 被忽视,被冷落, 孤零零地未介入 catch a cold 感冒cold water 冷水;凉水;凉开水cold war 冷战cold rolling 冷轧;冷压延adj. 寒冷的;冷淡的,不热情的;失去知觉的n. 寒冷;[内科]感冒

cold[英][kld][美][kold]adj.寒冷的; 冷淡的,无情的; 失去知觉的; [艺]有冷感的,冷色的;n.寒冷; 感冒,伤风;adv.完全地;复数:colds最高级:coldest比较级:colder以上结果来自金山词霸柯林斯高阶英汉词典短语词组同反义词百科释

Friendship is the most valuable to every one in the world. As far as I am concerned, friends will make my life more colorful and meaningful. However, there are a great variety of friends, with whom we have to make friends according to our own tastes.

turn 英[t:n]美[t:rn]vt.& vi. 使转动; 旋转; 使改变方向; 使不适;vt. 使变酸; 使变换; 使变为;n. 翻转; (路线或方向的) 改变; 机会;全部释义>>[例句]The car made an abrupt turn.那辆汽车突然改变了方向.


My ideal dirl friend!There is a girl who is smiling happily in the mirror !Who is she?Oh,She is my ideal girl friend!She is a girl who live in my heart,No matter when ,where,She ia always in my mind,onbody can replace her.In life,For one thing,She is

您好!给你3篇作参考.希望您满意!1 Love is the topic to every university girls forever. Most of them have an itch to fall in love with a boy who understands them. They try to find their Mr. Right in the university, including me. Because I think love at the

Her new boss is unsympathetic and possibly sexist and racist and seems to have it in for her.她的新老板缺乏同情心,可能带有性别歧视和种族歧视,还总跟她过不去.Their success helped lead to the decision by President Harry Truman in 1948 to end racial separation in the military.他们的成功对1948年杜鲁门总统做出结束军队中种族分离的决定起了很大作用.以后造句子找有道词典就好了

回答 2 3 什么叫词素?例题解答? 回答 2 4 unsympathetic由哪些词素组成? 回答 2 我朋友他们之前在云南米数电气买的烘烤设备,几年用下来感觉还挺不错,到现在还在用.费用这些算下来很划算

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