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【主回答】 focus on:致力于;使聚焦于;对(某事或做某事)予以注意;把…作为兴趣中心 用法:1. to focus on sth: a. 聚焦;将焦点对准、b. 聚焦;注视2. to focus on sb/sth:把注意力集中于 【拓展资料】1. MBA programmes focus on

spend time on 意思:花时间在.相关短语:spend much time on 在某方面化费大量时间 spend some time on 在… spend less time on sth 在某事上少花时间 意思:A point often missed by beginner programmers is that configuration support is hard; you should spend time on it accordingly. 初级程序员经常遗漏的一点是,配置支持是很难;因而您应该花费一些时间在这上面.

take pleasure in[英][teik ple in][美][tek pl n]以…为乐,喜欢做…;例句:some men take pleasure in giving women gifts.有人因为送女人礼物而高兴了.

翻译为:take ones time 花一次时间 例句:1、If we're clever we'll take two simple ones first and spend a little more time developing the more complex ones.如果我们聪明的话,我们就会先提出两个简单的项目,然后花一些时间制定更复杂的项目

take one's fancy 迎合某人的爱好;投合…的心意 例句: 1.in the truth of the matter , the guru may take one ' s karma , good and bad ,and give it to another. 确切的事实是,古鲁会将一个人的业力无论好坏而转移给别人. 2.We see it as the island's

take off1.脱下;移去 He took off his raincoat and took out the key. 他脱下雨衣,拿出钥匙.2.起飞 The plane will take off soon. 飞机马上就要起飞了.3.休假 He took two weeks off in August. 他在八月份休假了两个星期.take-off 名词 n. 1.起跳(点);起飞;发射2.出发点3.【口】(滑稽或讥讽性的)仿效4.拿走

短语take off用法分析 What was the girl doing when the UFO took off? 当飞碟起飞时,女孩在干什么?(1)此处的take off意为“起飞”.例如:When will the plane take off? 飞机何时起飞?(2)take off还可以作“脱下”讲,反义词为put on.

1、take in的用法:take in sth接受某事.2、take in的用法:take part in参加,参与.3、take in含义:收留,收容,收入,理解,领会.take in 读音:英 [tek n] 美 [tek n] 例句:He persuaded Jo to take him in.他说服乔把他收留了下来.

carry on doing 介词后肯定是跟名词做宾语拉

1、take place接近happen,意思为发生、进行:when and where does the story take place?故事发生在何时何地?2、take the place of 代替、顶替、取代:the helicopter may take the place of a car some day.也许有一天直升机会取代汽车.3、

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