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回答字数在10000字以内,所以就放了2005年希望对你有用.2005 Passage 1Everybody loves a fat pay rise. Yet pleasure at your own can vanish if you learn that a colleague has been given a bigger one. Indeed, if he has a reputation for slacking,

往年入学考试试卷由浙大研究生院综合办公室提供:地 址:浙大研究生院综合办公室,邮编:310027Email:yjsy-yb@zju.edu.cn电 话:0571-87951395可以和他们联系一下.

According to the provisions of the acquisition transaction, Legend has been paid to IBM 1.25 billion U.S. dollarsthe for transaction costs , including about 650 million U.S. dollars in cash, and by December 2004 transaction announced last trading

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