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前者是一个非延续性的也是瞬间动词 这类词语和词组不能用于进行时后者是延续性的表示一种状态可以进行

lose touch with英 [lu:z tt wi] 美 [luz tt w] 词典和…疏远,失去联络双语例句1In my job one tends to lose touch with friends. 干我这行,往往会与朋友失去联系.2Do write me as often as you can. I don't want to lose touch with you. 务必经常给我写信,我不愿与你失去联系.

Since I've graduated from Nanjing University in 1985, I have been kind of lost in touch with my classmates.

lose contact with sb. 和某人失去联系 be out of contact with sb.和某人失去联系 lose touch 失去联系 lose track 失去联系


前者可能已经几年没有联系了.而lose in touch可能只是刚刚失去联系.

你好!保持联系keep in touch with keep contact with失去联系lose touch lose contact如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

n. 触, 触觉, 接触, 联系, 轻触, 碰, 缺点, 格调 vt. 接触, 触摸, 触及, 达到, 涉及, 点缀, 使接触, 感动 vi. 触摸, 接近, 涉及, 提到


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