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keep sb from doing sth 阻止某人做某事 双语例句 1.At home, I came up with incompatible behaviors for Scott to keep him from crowding me while I cooked. 回到家,我为斯科特想出了互斥行为,让他在我做饭时不围着我转.2.He is hosting a

stop sb.from doing sth./ prevent sb.from doing sth./ keep sb.from doing sth.三者都表示“阻止某人做某事”,一般情况下可以通用.如果一定要找出意思上细微差别,如下:

keep from doing 使防止做

keep from doing sth 保持不做某事stop sb from doing sth 阻止某人做某事

1、意思上的区别 keep doing sth:继续做某事;不停地做;反复做某事.keep sb doing sth:使某人一直做某事,让某人保持做某事.keep sb from doing sth:妨碍、防止某人做某事.2、用法上的区别 keep doing sth:是说话的人自己要保持做

这里应该是被动语态,be discovered, 所以是用being

keep from doing sth:预防,防止做某事

the more 是越来越怎么样 keepfrom doing sth是阻止做某事

keep from doing使(某人)不做某事 eg. I hope you will keep from doing anything rash. 我希望你不要做出任何鲁莽的事情来.stop (sb.)from doing 阻止(某人)做某事 eg.Can't you stop your son from getting into trouble? 你能不能制止你儿子别惹上麻烦?答案很明了.

stop sb from doing:阻止 keep sb from doing:阻止,使免于,隐瞒,抑制 好像是都可以啊--||

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