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it is _ usually (usual) the waiters or waitresses_(waitress) that serve you at restaurants.But how_would you feel if you watch your food come to your table by a roller coaster?!Well,a restaurtant in abu dhabi,the United Arab Emirates,takes food to a

A formal letter is very different from an informal letter. Formal letters 36_ to businesses, schools or government offices. 37 letters are for relatives, or former(以前的) teachers. You 38 write an informal letter by hand, but you 39 type a formal letter.

保证准确率!1. tiring 改成 tired 2. 去掉 being3. which 改成 where 或者 which 前面加上 in 或者 lived 后面加上 in4. Worked 改成 Having worked5. broken 改成 broke6. not 改成 no7. be handed 改成 hand8. studies 改成 should study 或 study9. has


A the one定语从句I read last month缺宾语, what 不能引导定语从句, 故排除选A 是the one (that), that 引导定语从句,由于作宾语可以省略如不明白请追问,如果满意请【采纳】祝学习进步

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