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seldom为表示频率的副词,意思是“很少;不常”,反义词是often,其主要用法如下:1. seldom通常放在一般动词之前,be动词、情态动词及助动词等之后.She seldom goes out at night. 她晚上很少出门.2. 可用very修饰seldom,意思是“极

Flight Itinerary飞行行程双语例句1Much older data is very infrequently accessed, as is certain context information,such as a flight itinerary.会频繁访问很多旧数据,将其作为特定的上下文信息,如旅行路线等.2A lot of people like her, but my upbeat

Animals are our friends we should set up nature reserves to protect their advocacy for the Protection of Animals knowledge we all act together with us and the world that there is an animal Earth 动物是我们的朋友 我们应该去保护他们 建立自然保护

infrequently可以分解,如果分解,like it in frequently就是经常做爱的意思.不分解就是不经常做.

lots,plentymaking,cookingrarely,infrequently ,inaccessibly

not infrequently 经常;不止一次它是修饰动词, 作状语的.-----------------------------------为你解答,如有帮助请采纳,如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

the media could not be loaded either because..句子意思:媒体不能载入可是因为或者the media could not be loaded either because..

hardly rarely infrequently not often

seldom (adj)=rare (adv)=rarely

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