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in my opinion

只有前面的可以用,意思是在我看来. 后面的应该是insist on my opinion 坚持我的观点.没有on my opinion

正确的用法是in my opinion.on my opinion不是标准的正确用法.

in my opinion=in my mind=from my perspective=in my viewpoint=personally=My belief=My idea=My understanding=I think that=I consider=I believe=if you ask me=in my book=in my own conceit=in

1.In my opinion,English is hard to learn. 2.In my opinion, he is not a bad guy. 3.In his opinion, computer games are interesting 4.In her oipnion, Jim is a good student 5.In my mother's opinion, fruit is good for health

i think

in my opinion=from my perspective=in my view=personally 意思我认为

in my humble opinion依我之愚见,是一种十分谦逊的说法用于提出自己的看法以供参考

答:In my opinion 这个短语一般可以接上一般现在时或者一般将来时.

In my opinion,依我看,在我看来.后面就是跟自己的看法啦. 这个短语用起来,要根据语境变中间的 形容词性 物主代词.如 在他看来,in his opinion

in my opinionto my way of thinking

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