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brow 英[bra]美[bra]n. 额头; 山脊; 坡顶;[例句]He wiped his brow with the back of his hand他用手背擦了擦前额.[其他] 复数:browsfrown 英[fran]美[fran]v. 皱眉; 蹙额;n. 皱眉; 蹙额;[例句]Nancy shook her head, frowning南希摇了摇头,皱着眉头.[其他] 第三人称单数:frowns 现在分词:frowning 过去式:frowned 过去分词:frowned

你好!frown 英[fran] 美[fran] vt. 皱眉; 不同意; 蹙额; n. 皱眉,蹙额; [网络] 皱眉表示; 皱眉头; 不悦; [例句]A friends frown is better than a fools smile.朋友对你皱眉,胜过傻瓜对你微笑.

frown 英[fran] 美[fran] vt.& vi. 皱眉;不同意;蹙额 n. 皱眉,蹙额 第三人称单数:frowns;过去分词:frowned;现在分词:frowning;过去式: [例句]The frown was pure concentration , nothing more.至于皱眉,则纯粹是全神贯注所致,仅此而已.

1. 翻译:Never frown:永远不要皱眉2. 例句:1.Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know.也不要愁眉不展因为你不知是谁会爱上你的笑容.2.Never frown because you never know when someone is falling in love with your

frown过去式:frowned; 过去分词:frowned; 现在分词:frowning; 复数形式:frowns;vt. & vi.1. 皱眉,蹙额n.1. 皱眉;蹙额但是frown并不是过去式,是动词原形很高兴为您回答

frown 英 [fran] 美 [fran] n.皱眉;不悦 v.不同意;皱眉头 用作名词 (n.) We interpret a frown as a sign of disapproval. 我们把皱眉当作不赞成的表示. The frown on the man's face showed that he was displeased. 那人皱着眉头,面露不悦. There was a deep frown of his face. 他的额头深深的皱眉. Her beautiful face had a resentful frown on it. 她那俊俏的眉梢怨恨地蹙了起来. 查看更多

wear a frown的中文翻译 wear a frown 皱眉 双语例句 1 It is also cool to have a fashion statement but one person does not need to wear a burden of sadness or a frown on his face in order prove he/ she is Emo. 拥有时尚状态还是很棒的,但是没必要背负着忧伤包袱,或者在脸上显示不悦来证明自己是情绪摇滚族.


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