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For my pArt造句

因为没有这么个短语,所以没人回答你的问题.既然你要用part for造句,那我就给你一些含有part for的句子吧.And Neil is grateful he is guaranteed to look the part for his proud day.The tranquilizer and the bottle are poor comforters when the time


on my part,即在我这边,在我得部分;for my part,即在我看来,对我来说.这两者都是英语中得短语,可以结合不同的语境来使用.

as for while part with 再看看别人怎么说的.

For one's part 对某人来说 基本上在某些语境里可以代替 I think 类似短语还有as for me, to me等等

on the side of.是特指,一般用于on the right/left side表明某个方位on side of 比较口语化

1 They fought for national independence. 他们为民族独立而战.2 This letter is for you. 这是你的信. 3 We must start early, for it will take two hours to drive to the airport. 我们得早点动身,因为开车去机场得花两个小时.4 A pencil is used for

For my part, i agree with the latter opinion for the following reasons 至于我,我同意后者的意见,理由如下

for my part 是需要自己在所评论的事件中有所参与in my opinion 可以用在对任何事情发表评论

for one's part字典解释是: 对某人来说, 就个人来说e.g. for my part, totally agree with you. 至于我,我完全同意你的看法. 而在这里,要联系上下文来理解.前面谈到:The United States condemnedthe attack and said 接下来是:the Pakistani

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