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ever since 英 ['ev sns] 美 ['evr sns] 从那时起; 自那时以来 【造句】1.She's been piling up money ever since she got the job. 自从得了那份工作以来,她一直在攒钱.2.We've been friends ever since we met at school. 自从我们在学校认

ever since : ad. 从那时起;自那时以来1. She leave school three year ago and have work as a nurse ever since. 她三年前毕业,从那时起便一直当护士.

你好~He fell ill at Christmas and has been ill ever since. 他在圣诞节生病了此后就一直不适.He left home last year and has been away ever since. 他去年离家走了,此后一直在外面.He fell off his horse a week ago and has been in bed ever since. 一周前他从马背上跌下来,从那以后就一直躺在床上.

自从的意思. 主句用现在完成时,从句用一般过去时 eg. Ever since he moved to London, i haven`t seen him. 自从他搬到伦敦后我就没见过他

Ever since then I have found that.从此之后,我已发现那件事.

I've known him ever since he was a boy , he then became one of my best friend. 从他孩提时代起我就已认识他, 言后他成为了我的好朋友.

Ever since last year, I haven't left the city.自从去年以来, 我没有离开过这个城市.We have been staying here ever since we came.自从我们来了之后,我们就一直呆在这里.

because of his efforts, he achieved good results in the final examination由于他的努力,他在期末考试中,取得了好成绩 He is known as a doctor 他作为医生而著名he has always been a good student ever since从那时到现在,他一直是一名好学生 你的采纳 我的动力希望我能继续帮助你

ever since 表示自从那时起到现在,since then 表示从那时起,但不一定是到现在,也可能是过去的某个时刻.大概就是这样吧

we are even since clause

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