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contributory negligence过失相抵双语对照词典结果:contributory negligence[英][kntrbjt:ri: nelidns][美][kntrbjtri nldns]互有过失,原告的疏忽; 例句:1.He had said that there had been an element of

contributory 英 [kntrbjtri] 美 [kntrbjt:ri] adj. 促成的; 促进的; 起作用的; 需要受益人付钱的;

contributory 分担人,捐助者、贡献者、有连带责任的(要根据上下文选择意思哈)non-contributory 无需供款、非供款、(养老金、医疗保险等)非共享的补充:没有上下文,真心无法翻译,而且对你没保险学也不了解,我只能推测了经济学里面通常翻译成 分担、捐助 contributory 共享保险non-contributory 非共享保险

When a claim for damages caused by an accident is filed with a court, the fact-finder (judge or jury, depending on the proceeding) must determine who caused the accident. The person whose negligence caused the accident typically pays for the


general contributory values释义[法]共同海损分摊zhidao价值双语例句百1The contributory value of the cargo shall be computed on the basis of the CIF values, less the amount of loss or damage not allowable in general average and the freight at the risk of the carrier.货物分摊价值,按照货物的回到岸价格,减除不属于共同海损的损失答金额和承运人承担风险的运费计算.


一个是名词,一个是形容词 麻烦您好评,谢谢

contributory parent起作用的父母contributory[英][kntrbjtri][美][kntrbjt:ri]adj.促成的; 促进的; 起作用的; 需要受益人付钱的;.很高兴为你解答!如有不懂,请追问. 谢谢!

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