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commissioned委托双语对照词典结果:commissioned[英][k'mnd][美][k'mnd]现役的; 例句:The issue has already appeared in a report commissioned for the meeting. 这个问题已经出现在了一份会议委托撰写的报告之中.

commissioned by由.委托双语例句1The system will be commissioned by Siemens and handed over as a turnkey solution.该系统将由西门子负责试运行,而且将作为一个全承包解决方案移交.2This is like a home-buyer relying on an inspection report commissioned by the seller.这就好比一位买房者信赖一份由卖房人委托出具的检验报告.

Naib Subedar一般印度、巴基斯坦军中设置的军衔,相当于 准尉,是一个“Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO) ” 它本来是英殖民军中的低级委任军官,管理一个小队,是当地士兵能升任的最高军衔(正式军官都是英国人).

嗯. 受委任的,受任命的;服役的,现役的. 委任(commission的过去分词)

non-commissioned officer[英][nnkmind fis][美][nnkmnd fs]n.军士,士兵; 非委任官员双语例句1J3 Land is composed of 7 military staff officers and 1 non-commissioned officer.J3地面处由7名军事参谋

amount 通常指金额或者总数quantity 指数量

be commissioned [词典] [法] 受托; [例句]Not qualified, shall be commissioned by the property management enterprise management.没有合格的,应委托物业管理企业管理.

Joseph Eichler (1900 - 1974) was a California-based, post-war residential real estate developer known for building homes in the Modernist style. Between 1950 and 1974, his company, Eichler Homes, built over 11,000 homes in Northern California

decommissioned v. 使退役( decommission的过去式和过去分词 ); [例句]HMS Warspite was decommissioned as part of defence cuts. 作为削减国防开支的一部分,英国皇家海军舰艇“厌战”号宣布退役.

歌曲名:Testify歌手:Commissioned专辑:The Essential CommissionedTestify---Phil Collins---I want to testify,testify my love for youtestify my love for youAnd I will do,all that I can do for youTogether,we will be togetherCome on testify,testify your

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