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英语音标:[knsad]美语音标:[konsad]中文翻译vi.一致;同时发生;符合单词例句用作不及物动词 (vi.)They didn't coincide in opinion. 他们的意见不统一.Our opinions did not coincide on this case. 在这个案例上,我们

coincide with:符合;与相一致的意思.短语 coincide e with 与…相符 ; 与……相符 ; 时间 coincide well with experimental results 与实验结果相吻合 to coincide with 复验 ; 相符 ; 与……相符 coincide with sth 与什么相符 A coincide with B

coincident是adj. 同时发生的;(时间上)巧合的;相符的;一致的 coincidental是adj. 巧合的,同时发生的 一个是时间上的一个是意义上的,尽管都是巧合的意思,但两个只能在不同的 语境中使用 例句:coincidental That could be coincidental

expectedlyadv.预期地; 双语例句1Unfortunately, the results were ( expectedly) disappointing.遗憾的是,结果(意料当中)很令人失望. 2Only when majority law is based on a fluctuant majority can the resolution expectedly coincide with the corporate interests.多数决的正当性依赖于变动的多数派,才能期望股东大会的决议符合公司利益.

coincidence n.(u/c) (在时间或空间上)巧合;巧事 The plot of the novel relies too much on coincidence to be realistic. 这部小说的情节多靠巧合安排而无真实感. By a strange coincidence we happened to be traveling on the same train. 巧得出奇

coincide with 后跟某某人的观点 My ideas coincide with his. 我的想法与他的一致.coincide in 后直接跟观点或意见The members of the committee do not coincide in opinion. 委员会的委员们意见不合.

coincidingv.两件或更多的事情同时发生( coincide的现在分词 ); 想法、意见等相同; 相符; 极为类似; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.They found a spike coinciding with a drop in mammoth numbers some 15000 years ago. 他们发现在15000年前,猛犸象的数量恰巧出现一个高峰和低谷..-----------------------------------如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

coincide with英[kuinsaid wi]美[konsad w]与…一致[例句]Such high-level political summits often coincide with favorable bilateral trade deals.这种高级别政治会晤通常都与互利的双边贸易协定相伴而行.

coincide with 与…一致;His tastes and habits coincide with those of his wife. 他的爱好跟习惯恰好和他的妻子相同.agree with 与某人[观点]一致, 同意[赞同]某人的意见; 与…相符, 与…一致; (气候、食物等)适合于; 相合;I agree with you one hundred per cent. 我完全同意你的话.

coincide with 是符合,与…一致的意思,根据楼主的意思,用法应该不正确.我觉得应该这样翻译: The global warming isn't quite relevant to the decline of the population of Arctic deer. 或者用off/beside the mark with 也是不相关的意思

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