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Most Chinese to Thai culture, there are many misunderstandings, Thailand's culture is often well known in their only "porn" and "freak", add a "Thai buddhist". I often for the evaluation of Chinese tourists are ashamed, because always feel

Simon on the emergence of Thailand, there are many different versions. One of these is from India's "eunuch" evolved. Indian eunuch history can be traced back to the sixteenth century Northern India during the early formation of Islam moghul

I got deep touch after watching the moive. found there are big diffrence in culture between China and Ameica. In this moive, shemale lives freely ,and it is being describing as right image,which shows us American is very open, while it is unhappened

Thai ladyman

whether in a store or in another house.In Thailand.Thailand in public places ( market, supermarket and so on ) hear the national anthem to stop standing at attention, with Yigong national anthem;t speak in public places, is in the flag-raising

ladyboy 英[ledib] n. 具有女性特征的男人,喜欢穿女性衣服的男人,常用来指(泰国的)人妖; [例句]They are especially common in cosmetics shops or health stores, which almost always have a ladyboy shop assistant.她们在化妆品商店、药店特别常见,这类商店几乎都有一位变性人妖助理.

My idolsEXO are my favorite singers. The group composes of several Korean singers and the rest are Chinese. They are trained in dancing and singing in Korean Entertainment Company. Korean Pop music is now famous around the world and


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