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As For mE

as for sb/sth :with regard to sb/sth至于某人/某事.例如: As for you , you should be ashamed of yourself.至于你,你应该感到惭愧 as to sth:with regard to sth/regarding sth至于某事,提到某事.例如: As to correcting our homework, the teacher

As to me 一般可理解为:(这事)让我看起来, 或:对我来说As for me: 多表示为:至于我嘛.

as to me 至于我,关于我;就我而论 as for me 依我之见;对我来说

as for me意为,对于我来说,就我来说,(一般用于开头,比较正式)比如,as for me ,it's not important . 而for me 也有对我来说的意思也可以用于开头,但是是比较口语化;还有,为了我,对我,给我,的意思例如,Is this for me? She brewed some coffee for me.



至于我. 就我而言

应该是as for me. "至于我" 没有as for myself.

it doesn't matter= 没关系; 无所谓; 例子:it doesn't matter how much milk you spill as long as you don't lose the cow.只要你没有失去奶牛就不要在乎撒了多少牛奶. 有用请采纳

In my opinionin my point of viewas I see it as far as I'm concerned the way I see it to my mind to my way of thinking as it appears to me in my humble opinion as far as I see it to my eye in my viewin my part i suppose以上都是对我来说;依我之见的同义词.

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