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首先,当它作为“吸引力”时,是不及物动词,没有被动语态,例如这个正确句子:The idea appealed to Mary.我建议你用 be attractive to ,这个就比较地道.

appealing adj. 吸引人的;动人的;引起兴趣的;恳求似的appealed 是动词的过去式


appeal 要求,恳求1.appeal to sb.for sth.如:We appealed to him for help.我们向他求援.2.appeal to sb.to do sth.如:She appealed to us to go with her.她恳求我们跟她一块儿去.


emotion 英 ['mn] 美 ['mon] n.情感;感情;情绪 用作名词 (n.) Love, joy, hate, fear and grief are all emotions.爱、喜、恨、惧、悲都是情感.The speaker appealed to our emotions rather than to our minds.演讲者激发了我们的情

不及物动词 vi. 1.呼吁,恳求[(+to/for)][+to-v] He appealed to me for help. 他向我求援. He appealed to his friends for support. 他请求朋友支持. 2.诉诸,求助[(+to)] We will appeal to a great variety of sources of information. 我们将求助于多种

其具体用法可以概括为:1.appeal to sb/sth against sth上诉,申诉.eg.the company is appealing against the ruling. 公司正对判决提出申诉.2.appeal to sb对……有吸引力,有感染力 eg.this game appeals to all ages. 这种设计吸引了各个年龄的人.3.appeal to sb for sth呼吁,恳求

bow是拥抱的意思 bowed应该是它的过去式吧

1、lose one's heart 是“爱上了”的意思,需要用介词to说明爱的对象,如: jim lost his heart to the persian cat at first sight. (jim一看见那只波斯猫就喜欢得不得了.) 2、lose heart 却表示“丧失信心”或“情绪低落”,例如: don't lose heart;

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