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advancementn.前进,进步; 提升,升级; 预付; 复数:advancements例句:1.The findings suggest that women aren't getting the same opportunities for professional advancement as men. 这些调查结果表明,女性在职业发展方面没有得到与男性同等的机会.请采纳

advancement[英][dv:nsmnt][美][dvnsmnt]n.前进,进步; 提升,升级; 预付; 复数:advancements形近词:enhancement1The titles of the first four ranks suggest the possibility that advancement through the ranks was based on introspection and spiritual growth.前四个等级的头衔暗示了通过建立在反省和精神进步基础上的等级前进的可能性.

advance和advancement都是相当于动词advance的名词,但advance表达不及物的意思,advancement表达及物的意思,如the advance of knowledge是"知识的进步",

Many people believe that technological advancement has brought more benefits to the society.For example,they say,that the convenient city life is to a large degree the result of technological developm

以下是所有的读音和意思charging读t:di n.1.装料,炉料graduated 英] [gr 就业(或晋升、进步等)的良机advancement dv:nsmntn.1.(工作、社会等级

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