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running water如果你要的是正宗的英语,就这么说

waste book

How time flies!时光飞逝 Time flows away like running water.时间的流逝象流水一样.

Bank statements 我觉得在翻译上没必要逐字逐句的翻译,那样或许给自己带来很大的麻烦,所谓银行流水账也就是银行账单,所以我觉得可以翻译成Bank statements

流水 [词典] stream; 希望以上内容对您有帮助,如果您认可我的回答,请采纳为满意答案 祝您生活愉快

流水线 [[名词委审定]汉英计算机名词(第二版, 2002)]pipeline流水线 [汉英航海大词典]assembly line ;flowline ;pipeline pipe流水线 [汉英经贸大词典]belt line ;flow line ;flowline ;production chain流水线 [汉英512专利大词典]pipelining

1. Today is May Day. My mother father and me went to park to have a picnic, and then visited my grandma and grandpa. In the morning at nine o'clock, we went to park for picnic, we took juice, cornflakes, apples, oranges, lollipops, bananas, ice

1.Can we get the water ourselves?我们可以自己去打水吗?2.And fetch me water, lots of water!还有,给我拿些水来,大量的水!3.Water collects in hollows.水在坑洼处“聚集”.4.Why do fish live in water?为什么鱼生活在水里呢?5.Plants need soil, water and light.植物需要泥土、水和阳光.6.A well supplies the place with water.这个地方的水由一口井供给.7.Some more water please.请再帮我加些水.

流水灯water lamp

The Statment of Cash Flow

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