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很明显very apparentvery obviousvery significant

很明显It is obvious;It's obvious that

Convince evident Explicit apparent definite obvious absolutely distinct 都有明显的含义.

更明显了是一种状态,应该用副词 more obviously more clearly

明显的(以下5种说法)1.obvious2.distinct3.evident4.overt5.apparent 例句1.in fact, the answer is obvious.事实上,答案是明显的.2.this is an obvious foul.这是一次明显的犯规.

Obviously 很明显1.it's obvious2.obviously3.it is quite clear that4.it 's obvious 很明显的1.it's obvious2.this is me..i think it is apparent 这很明显1.it's obvious2.can i make it any more obvious 原因很明显1.and the reason is clear 三,很明显1.three girl it's plain to see2.three,girl it's plain to see

It is apparent that .. 很明显,显然

very obvious

明显的:obvious或 clear 或 evident 狠明显=很明显……就是 very obvious或very clear或very evident 谢谢是thank 及求=急求……就是Urgent 英语翻译是 English translate

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