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working experience1. According to the business unit, arrange the production schedule and assign the work.2. Allocate the operators, formans and official on duty, distribute the jobs to ensure a normal production.3. Write daily reports, inquiry the

: 1. work experience2. hand-on background Examples:1. 他的工作经验使他能与各种各样的人打交道 His work experience equipped him to deal with all kinds of people.2. 马克总是想办法把他的工作经验插到谈话中去. Mark always contrives to

1. the automobile jig concrete construction process, the entire journey assembly involves to the machine-building industry bureau assembly, the barometric pressure hydraulic circuit assembly. 2. to various workshops in the production process, the

积累了丰富的工作经验 accumulated rich working experience

working experience

Responsibilities:1.For client companies develop their products to potential markets, planning activities of the client company and product launches online research activities, maintenance platform database, direct the collation and distribution of


五年的工作经验的英文:Five years of working experience,experience是不可数名词,没有复数形式.experience在句中的中文意思:经验,经历 experience的基本意思是“经验”,指由实践得来的知识和技能,是不可数名词,没有复数形式,

Enters the design institute work, namely participated in 45 ton hinge vehicle's project which develops together with the Beijing University of Science and Technology Car or machine with load Institute, mainly participated in the cab gauge board

你好,工作经验 翻译成英语是:work experience

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